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Want to Preserve Your Choices? You Need Estate Planning!

Do you enjoy making choices for yourself? Would you like to be independent as long as possible? If the answer to both questions is yes, you are like most of our clients, and it is essential to begin considering estate planning!


Most of us put off completing our Florida estate planning. We find that many people avoid creating their estate plan because they do not want to deal with the thoughts of potential incapacity or death. Many feel uncomfortable with answering questions regarding their future. We understand these are difficult discussion to have. Estate planning, however, is critical to both keeping us independent and making sure our wishes for the future are in place.

Estate planning is for everyone, no matter how young or old, but, what is estate planning? Essentially, estate planning is the process of creating legal documents that will name a successor who has the legal authority to make decisions for you when you cannot and who will oversee your final instructions for your assets after you die.

Within your Florida estate plan, you are able to give instructions on things such as how your bills should be paid, name a guardian for your children, give direction on how you would like medical issues to be handled and much more. Estate planning includes health and financial decision making. We use tools such as the durable power of attorney and last will and testament to make sure there is a comprehensive plan in place to provide for you.


When is the best time to plan your estate? Right now! Estate planning will allow you to make decisions for yourself when you no longer can. Get your plan completed early to avoid putting your family and friends through additional costs and pain during an already stressful time.

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