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Do You Know What a Medicare Scam Is? The Top 3 Thing to Look Out For

If you were to get a call from a “worker” at the Medicare office claiming that he or she needed your Medicare number prior to open enrollment, would you give it to the caller?

We hope your answer is no because this can be a sign of a Medicare scam. This scammer is actually trying to steal your identity instead of help you out. The truth is Medicare fraud is on the rise, and it is not something that you want you or your family members to get tangled up in. Instead, this is a ploy that you must be able to recognize when it happens.


Want to learn more about how to avoid a Medicare scam for yourself or your loved ones? Read on in our strategies below.

1. Be skeptical of who calls you. If anyone calls you asking for personal information, do not be peer-pressured into giving it to them. This is critical to remember: Medicare is never going to contact you asking for your personal information. This not only includes landlines or cellular phones, it also includes e-mail. If someone does contact you and asks for this information, do not respond and report it immediately. If you have questions, ask for help.

2. If someone comes to your door to sell you medical supplies, do not accept. A Medicare representative will not come to your door to sell you medical supplies. If someone does arrive at your home claiming that they represent Medicare, you should know that this is a scam and close the door right away.

3. Now that you are aware of a couple of the dont’s, here is something that you should do: educate yourself and be familiar with your Medicare plan. This is the best way to prevent Medicare fraud. If you treat your Medicare number like it is your Social Security Number, then you will be in great shape. Ask a Medicare representative if you have any questions about your plan. It is better to know too much than not enough.


Now that you know what to be on the lookout for, you should be able to avoid a scam. Be attentive and skeptical if someone you do not know asks you about your Medicare plan. It is best to keep this information between you and your Medicare agent. Need more information? Contact us to schedule a meeting about your Florida estate plan with Attorney Amy McGarry.

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