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Guardianship - ADULT

When a loved one has become incapable of handling their own affairs, paying their bills, and/ or making medical decisions, the family or close friends will have to become involved to assist the person. Many times the incapacitated person did not prepare the necessary documents for someone to step in or those documents may not be effective. At that time, a guardianship may need to be filed and the Court will become involved. The Court will appoint a Guardian over the incapacitated person and/ or their property. We represent Guardians, family members and even the incapacitated person throughout the guardianship process. We also work with local professional guardians that can be appointed if the family is unable, or the incapacitated person does not have family to become a Guardian.

Guardianship - Minor

Florida Law requires a guardian to be court appointed for minors in circumstances where the parents become incapacitated or die, or if the child receives an inheritance.  This allows the legal guardian to manage the assets of a minor. 
When a minor receives an inheritance, or their parents’ become incapacitated or pass away, family or close friends will have to assist the minor. The Court will appoint a Guardian over the minor and/or their property. This will allow the Court appointed Guardian to manage the minor’s assets. We will represent the Guardian appointed until the minor turns of legal age. 

Guardianship - REP WARD

When a guardianship is opened and a Guardian is appointed, an attorney is also appointed to the incapacitated person. We represent the incapacitated person’s expressed wishes to the best of our ability. The incapacitated person does not have the capacity to clearly speak for themselves so we will. 

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